Sports Supports for water sports - prevent instead of cure

Water sports are among the most popular leisure activities of all. Especially in the warm season, canoeists, rowers, sailors, kite surfers and co. enjoy the physical exercise in the cool water. To protect against sports injuries during water sports, there are special sports bandages. These bandages are made of neoprene so that they retain their fit even when wet and do not lose their supporting effect. Water sports bandages support the healing process of painful injuries on the one hand, and prevent them on the other.


Typical injuries during water sports

After a hard day or a busy week, water sports enthusiasts just want to enjoy their free time and clear their heads. Unfortunately, there is always the risk of getting injured. Bruises, sprains and strains are among the most typical injuries in water sports. However, there are more painful ways: stretched ligaments, torn ligaments, fatigue fractures and injuries to the Achilles tendon are annoying and long-lasting sports injuries that can happen to you. Did you know that most aquatic athletes get their sports injuries on land, not in the water? This sounds illogical at first. Statistically, however, it is a fact. Nevertheless, you can still injure yourself while training in the water. Ideally, you should protect yourself from such injuries with a thorough warm-up training and special protectors and bandages for water sports.

Overview of suitable Sport Supports for water sports

The selection of bandages for water sports is huge. Here you will find a small overview of sports bandages for water sports:

  1. Neoprene foot bandages: The ankle bandage, the ankle bandage, the heel bandage and supportive bandages for the Achilles tendon are all among the supportive and healing sports bandages for the foot. In case of tendonitis or sprain on the ankle or ankle, an ankle brace helps to relieve the pain during sports and advance the healing process. An ankle brace is ideal for painful ankles. Heel supports protect the back of the foot and Achilles tendon from overuse and provide pain relief for acute discomfort in these areas. If you put on a high-quality sports support made of neoprene, your movement is hardly restricted and you can do sports without pain.
  2. Neoprene wrist bandages: For the treatment of swollen, compressed and also broken wrists you need a wrist bandage made of neoprene. If you generally put a lot of strain on your wrists when doing water sports, such as windsurfing or rowing, wrist wraps are a good preventative measure.
  3. Neoprene shoulder bandages: For sports injuries in the shoulder area, high-quality shoulder bandages made of neoprene are suitable. Swelling and inflammation as well as torn ligaments or muscles can be treated well with a shoulder bandage.
  4. Neoprene knee supports: The pressure exerted on your knees during any sport is enormous. Especially your knees run the risk of being overloaded. Knee supports give your knees the necessary support and do not restrict your movements. They are also ideal for healing sports injuries to the meniscus, the cruciate ligament and the outer and inner knee ligaments.

What to look for when buying Sport Supports for water sports

A good bandage for water sports does not have to be expensive. However, caution is advised with inexpensive offers. Important requirements for your sports bandage should be that it is made of neoprene, has a good fit, does not slip and sits wrinkle-free to avoid painful pressure points. And always remember: prevention is better than cure.