Here you will find a selection of sports supports and functional that can support and protect you while running. Whether you're jogging in your free time or running for performance, problems and irritations in the muscles and joints are common. Often, overloads caused by excessive training loads or an incorrect choice of equipment are the reason. Targeted compression on the muscles through bandages or functional clothing can promote performance and prevent injuries. In addition, your joint structures are supported and stabilized.

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running and jogging with the right Sports Supports

Whether you go jogging in your free time or run as a competitive sport, unfortunately, irritation and problems can quickly occur in both the joints and the muscles. The cause often lies in insufficient preparation before the sport. Proper warm-up and stretching exercises are simply part of running to avoid possible undesirable side effects of the sport. In addition, irritation of the muscles and joints can occur if there is a strong overload due to too long or too frequent training. In addition, it is imperative to pay attention to the correct sports equipment.

The right sports equipment includes not only suitable running shoes and, if necessary, insoles for the shoe, but also sports bandages. As new analyses show, targeted compression of the muscles can have a very beneficial effect on performance. For this effect of compression, a running sports bandage is very useful while running. In addition, supports such as a running bandage provide support to joint structures and stabilize joints. For example, an ankle bandage in a special way prevents twisting during sports. It is not only suitable for sports, but also for everyday use and offers valuable protection of the joint in case of overload. High-quality neoprene material offers a pleasantly warming function.

Preventing injuries while jogging and running

If you want to buy a running bandage, you absolutely have to pay attention to a proper fit. Only under this condition can injuries be effectively prevented. So that the effect on the joint and thus on the corresponding musculature can develop in a targeted manner, the bandage should sit perfectly on the corresponding part of the body.

As a running support, bandages for knees, calves and ankles are most commonly used. So there are many ways to protect his joints or irritated muscles. Probably the most important bandage in the field of running is the knee sports support. In running, the knee joint is continuously exposed to a high load. To better protect the knee, a flexible and comfortable brace is very important. This way the knee can be protected and relieved. But many runners no longer want to do without compression bandages. Especially for long-distance running, such as marathons, many athletes take advantage of the performance-enhancing effect of a calf bandage.

For health, it is important to use only high-quality products that are very powerful. A bandage should not only fit ideally to the body, but also have a particularly high wearing comfort. Rehband neoprene bandages from the RX series are very suitable for running. These offer a very high adhesion (static friction coefficient) in combination with a light film of sweat. The bandage does not slip while running and thus does not hinder you during your workout.