Sports supports are ideal for preventing and healing sports injuries in triathlon. Because in this extremely demanding sport, your muscles, tendons and joints are under constant stress.

The endurance sport of triathlon includes the strenuous disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. The disciplines have to be completed in exactly this order and in the shortest possible time. For your body this means an enormous strain. Especially the run after the cycling is difficult, because the leg muscles are already heavily stressed from the cycling. Intensive training is mandatory to increase your endurance and prepare your body as well as possible. If you take training seriously, you reduce the risk of suffering a sports injury during a triathlon. Additional protection against injuries can give you triathlon sports supports from Rehband.

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Triathlon specific injuries

The endurance sport triathlon strengthens the immune system and increases well-being. Beginners and advanced athletes love the physical challenge. But as with any other sport, sports injuries occur time and again in triathlon. Amateur athletes are just as at risk as professional athletes. Triathlon-specific injuries mostly affect the extremities, but the back is often affected as well. The most common cause of injuries in these areas is overuse. Accidents and incorrect posture are added causes. Fatigue fractures, muscle and ligament strains, inflammation in the Achilles tendon and pain in the knee or ankle joint can be the unpleasant result.

Sports Supports for triathlon - prevention and cure

Triathlon bandages reduce the risk of suffering a painful sports injury. If the misfortune has already happened, they are also the ideal support for your recovery. Here is a brief overview of practical sports bandages for triathlon:

  1. The knee sleeve: When buying a knee sleeve, you should make sure that the sport support cushions your knee well and supports your knee joint sufficiently. At the same time, the range of motion must not be restricted. Knee supports suitable for triathlon are made of neoprene, because they keep their shape even in the water. They provide light to medium stability for your knee. However, keep in mind that your health should always be a priority. In case of a major injury, always consult a doctor and rather forgo training or a competition once more, in order to be able to start again healthy after your rehabilitation.
  2. The thigh sports support: This sports support stabilizes all the muscles between the hip and the knee. It protects you from muscle strains and provides relief from leg fatigue and general pain.
  3. The foot sports support: A sports support for the foot, ankle or ankle joint supports the corresponding body regions under heavy strain. It also relieves pain in the Achilles tendon, has a muscle-activating effect and is also suitable for preventing sports injuries.
  4. The back sports support: For discomfort in the back, there are various sports supports that relieve pain, heal injuries and protect against new sports injuries.

Injury prevention in triathlon

As described above, you can use triathlon sports supports as a preventive measure to avoid sports injuries. It is also important to train your back, abdominal and chest muscles in a targeted manner and to have a sufficient recovery phase. If you have any health questions, you should consult your doctor or physiotherapist.