Kitesurfing - adventure on water and in the air

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide love the trendy sport of kitesurfing. Taking off with momentum stands for absolute freedom for most kitesurfers. However, the popular water sport, also known as kiteboarding or stunt kite sailing, also involves some dangers. Here you can find out how special bandages for water sports can protect you from sports injuries and alleviate acute complaints.

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Equipped against dangers in kitesurfing

Like any other sport, kitesurfing, despite good equipment, has some dangers. The most common causes of sports injuries in kitesurfing are insufficient equipment, carelessness and overestimation. Before each training session you should check your equipment for damage and dangerous wear. In any case, your equipment should include a helmet and an impact protection vest. In addition, you can protect yourself from sports injuries or relieve acute pain with special bandages for water sports. The support bandages for kitesurfers are made of neoprene. The material has the advantage that it does not absorb water and thus retains its fit and supportive effect.

Sports injuries in kitesurfing

Most sports injuries in kitesurfing are self-inflicted by the surfers. Often, kitesurfers misjudge their skills and insufficiently calculate potential dangers on the shore and in the water. In fact, statistically, far more accidents occur on the shore than in the water. Typical kitesurfing injuries include: Scrapes, bruises, and foot and shoulder injuries. Here you can learn how neoprene bandages relieve the acute pain of sports injuries.

Waterproof Sport Supports for kitesurfers

You can support your muscles and joints with special bandages for water sports - as a preventive measure or to alleviate complaints. In case of acute pain, however, you should always consult a doctor first. The most important requirement for water sports bandages: they must be made of neoprene so that they do not become waterlogged and retain their supportive, pain-relieving and warming function. In addition, you should pay attention to the correct size and fit the bandage to your body if possible, so that it does not hinder you while surfing or you even lose it. If you are unsure about choosing the right support, our size charts on the respective article will help you. The following supports can support you while kitesurfing:

  1. Foot supports: The ankle support is among the foot supports. In case of sprains or tendinitis of the ankle, you need a neoprene ankle brace. An ankle support or sleeve has a supportive effect in case of ankle complaints. High quality neoprene sports supports do not restrict your movement. On the contrary, they effectively support the rehabilitation phase of various sports injuries.
  2. Wrist supports: Wrist supports made of neoprene help you with swollen, sprained and broken wrists. In the case of a broken wrist, however, you should probably stay on the beach with your new bandage and heal up first. The sports brace will then help you after the fracture has healed and support your wrist as well as your muscles and tendons.
  3. Shoulder supports: If you have complaints such as swelling and inflammation in the shoulder area or a torn muscle or even torn ligament, you can provide relief with a shoulder support made of neoprene.
  4. Knee supports: Your knees have to withstand a lot of pressure and versatile loads when kitesurfing. Neoprene knee supports are ideal for the treatment of sports injuries to the cruciate ligament, meniscus, outer and inner ligaments. When treating many sports injuries, joint disorders, ligament, muscle and other ailments, sports supports for the knee relieve pain and promote healing. High-quality knee bandages support your joints, ligaments and muscles for undisturbed kiting pleasure. Make sure that you buy a neoprene bandage to maintain the effect in the water.

Important quality features for sport Supports for kitesurfing

So when buying your water sports supports, you should pay attention to the material. Sport supports that are not made of neoprene are unsuitable for water sports. It is also important that your sports support is anatomically shaped. Poorly fitting supports will not give you the support you need. Rehband knee sleeves, for example, have a patented fit that guarantees a wrinkle-free fit and eliminates painful pressure points. Therefore, make sure that the support fits without wrinkles, buy the correct size and adjust the sleeve to your body if necessary. Our size charts will help you with this.