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UD Runner's Knee/ITBS Tights - Men


UD Runner's Knee/ITBS Tights - Men


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With the Men's Runner's knee/ITBS Tights, Rehband introduces a new generation of functional clothing.

The ITBS tights pinpoint and ease symptoms of one of the most common injuries in endurance sports, Runner’s Knee/IT band related issues. Warmth and compression are directly target the areas associated with runner's knee/ITBS. Unlike other products on the market, they provide relief to the entire IT-band area. The result is pain relief and a prevention of reoccurring injuries.

They are carefully constructed in graded compression for a perfect fit in motion. They are designed with a breathable material that has quick-dry properties. The Runner’s Knee/ITBS Tights support your journey to results.

For your safety we have included reflective details on the back for increased visibility.


  • Provides support, compression, and warmth
  • Relieves soft tissue irritation and swelling
  • Improves muscle coordination in the hip and leg area
  • The thicker neoprene material should bilaterally cover the outside area of the thigh and surrounding the knees
  • Men’s cut


  • Pain, swelling, and soft-tissue irritation caused by muscle strain or injuries
  • Runner's knee (ITBS syndrome)
  • Retropatellar pain